Automation Custom Machine Builder Holland MIAutomation is the use of industrial robots and other technology to take over tasks originally done by human workers. Our custom machine builders in Holland, MI, would be more than happy to collaborate with you, the customer, to create real-world solutions for your business.

Our reputation has shown that we’re more than capable of creating industrial solutions that improve the safety and productivity of your factory. At Paramount Tool Company, we are dedicated to bringing you quality products and services.

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What is the purpose of automation?

The purpose of automation is to use technology (such as industrial robots) to replace human workers. These industrial systems are able to deliver a high level of precision that’s unmatched by human workers. Companies that adopt industrial automation are also able to improve workplace safety by transferring tasks that carry a high risk of injury from humans to machines.

How does industrial automation work?

The main purpose is to shift tasks traditionally done by human workers to industrial robots and other technology. While industrial automation is an investment in your company, it will help you save money in the long run on labor. Our custom machine builders are able to design and build industrial automation systems to solve problems related to safety, productivity, and quality.

What industries use automation?

  • Die-Cast
  • Office Furniture
  • Material Handling
  • And More (Ask our capable, accomplished, skilled, and knowledgeable sales team about trends in your industry.)

Do You Build Drill/Mill Stations?

Yes! Paramount Tool Company is proud to design and build only the best drill/mill stations for your business. Regardless of your industry, we’ll be able to work with you to create both drilling and milling stations for your application. Our team will also be able to walk you through the process of implementing new drilling/milling stations into your existing industrial automation system.

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