Straightening Machines Custom Machine Builder Holland MIAs a custom machine builder, we often recommend automatic straightening machines (also called truing machines) to straighten aluminum and magnesium castings back to their original form.

After those parts have been through a heat treat process, these slight variations can be removed allowing the part to return to its pre-heat treat form.

It is our goal to provide the best quality service and parts for every project. Whether you’re in the medical field, the automotive industry, or anything in between, you can trust us to find the best manufacturing solutions for your company.

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Straightening Machine Process:

  • Part is loaded into cell on (3) A-datums
  • Clamps close over (3) A-datums
  • Cell will measure the 4th A-datum
  • By the use of very high tolerance laser sensors, the determination is made as to the direction the 4th A-datum needs to be moved allowing it to enter the customer supplied specification
  • Straightener jaw engages 4th A-datum and manipulates the part in the correct direction
  • This cycle is repeated until 4th A-datum is in specification
  • Other datums and locations can be straightened with other jaw assemblies as needed by part configuration

Types of Straightening Machines

The size of your automatic straightening machine will depend on the lengths and sections of the parts you need to be straightened. Since workpieces come in different types and dimensions, you’ll need the help of our custom machine builders to design the best automatic straightening machine for your company.

Advantages of Straightening Machines

Despite advances in manufacturing technology, parts often have slight defects. Fortunately, our custom machine builders are able to create straightening machines to correct these defects and help you save money in the long run.

Talk with one of our custom machine builders to learn about trends in your industry. We can help you integrate your new straightening machine with your existing industrial automation.

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