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Since vision inspection systems combine various technologies, the design of these systems can be customized to meet the needs of many industries. Thus, many companies enjoy the use of this technology for quality control and even security purposes.

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Industries That Use Vision Systems for Inspection

Industries that use machine vision are widely varied.

Some industries using vision systems include automation, robotics, pharmaceuticals, packaging, automotive, food and beverage, semiconductors, life sciences, medical imaging, electronics, and consumer goods among other kinds of manufacturing and non-manufacturing companies.

Benefits of Vision Inspection Systems

The benefits of vision inspection systems, include, but are not limited to, production improvements, increased uptime, and a reduction in expenses. Vision systems allow companies to conduct a 100% inspection of parts for quality control purposes. This ensures that all products will meet the customer’s specifications. If you want to improve the quality and efficiency of your industry, a vision inspection system could be the answer for you.

Levels of Vision Systems

There are three levels of vision inspection systems.

Basic – The Basic Vision System works by projecting as a smart sensor. This application is for part detection and can replace multiple sensors with as little as one camera.

Verification – Using this setup can use all benefits from the smart sensor but with the ability for more advanced part detection such as part orientation and component load location within tighter tolerances.

AdvancedAdvanced Vision Systems have the capability of the Basic and Verification with high precision and high-speed measurement, part defect detection, and barcode grading.

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