Holland MI Custom Indexing MachinesUnlike a rotary table, the head of an indexing machine can be tilted and rotated. Depending on your company’s needs, a different feature evenly spaced along the circumference of a circular workpiece may be necessary.

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Types of Indexing Machines

We’re able to create indexing machines for a wide range of industries, including yours. Ask our custom machine builders about trends in your industry. For example, we may recommend a rotary indexing machine for manufacturing medical devices or beverages.

Dial indexers provide the simplest means of fixture transport between assembly and test stations. A machine built around a dial indexer can be synchronous or asynchronous depending on process and throughput requirements. Other considerations include whether it is to operate as a semi-automatic or fully automatic machine drive selection. Limited only by the number of stations or available “slices of pie” (fixture real estate), a dial indexing machine is the first choice considered for applications requiring high yield throughput.

Applications Include:

  • Bumper assembly stations
  • Caster assembly stations
  • Fasteners
  • Rivet stations

Manufacturing Solutions

We’re able to integrate indexing machines with industrial automation systems so each task blends seamlessly into the next. For example, we’ve created industrial automation systems that partner rotary indexing machines with pick-and-place units. As a custom machine builder, we carefully evaluate the context of how your indexing machines will be used so you can reap the most benefit for your investment.

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