Welding Stations Custom Machine Builder Holland MIAs a custom machine builder in Holland, MI, we’re able to design and build custom welding stations for your facility. At Paramount Tool Company, it is always our goal to provide the highest quality products and services for every project we have.

We continuously listen, learn, and evolve so that we can focus on the one thing that’s always been most important – the Paramount customer.  We want you to have all the information you need to make an informed decision. If you have any questions regarding our welding stations, please contact our office today.

Robotic Welding

We’re able to integrate robotic welding with industrial automation systems so each task blends seamlessly into the next. Not only does robotic welding increase efficiency, but it also significantly decreases how many mistakes are made during welding. It’s our mission to serve as the most trusted leader in custom machine building by providing the tools, insights, and people to transform ideas and help bring creative projects to life. To learn more, check out our blog post on the 5 benefits of robotic welding or check out our FAQ page on industrial welding.

Resistance Welding Stations

One of the main benefits of resistance welding is that you only have to apply pressure to and pass an electrical current through the metal areas you want to join. By eliminating the need for other materials, resistance welding can help your company save money in the long run. Our team of custom machine builders will be able to work with you to create resistance welding stations for your specific industry and application. For example, we often design and make resistance welding machines for the automotive industry.

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As a welding station company in Holland, MI, we have experience solving real-world problems with welding stations and other manufacturing solutions. To request an estimate for robotic welding and resistance welding stations, call Paramount Tool Company at (616) 582-5300.