Industrial Automation Company in Holland MIAutomation is the process of turning manual tasks into tasks that can be performed by robots and other custom industrial machinery.  We understand that integrating automation with your current manufacturing process can be a daunting, but rewarding investment.

As a Holland, MI custom machine builder, we’ve helped companies adopt industrial automation to improve productivity, quality, and workplace safety in the long run.

Continue reading to learn how to get started with industrial automation.

Getting Started with Industrial Automation

Anticipate How Automation Will Affect Employees

Depending on the size and complexity of your operations, you may be able to easily adopt industrial automation systems with careful planning. Once you decide to use more automation, you’ll need to think about how the changes will affect you, employees, and customers.

Not only do you have to think about the workers who will be directly affected by the changes on the factory floor, but you must anticipate how it will indirectly impact different groups of people. From our experience in automation technology, we can tell you that the most successful companies do their best to fully understand how automation will affect their operations before implementing change.

Plan for Ongoing Management

There is no easy way to implement industrial automation. It’s not uncommon for people to think that automation is the answer to all their problems, without considering how they’ll need to plan for ongoing training, management, observation, and opportunities for improvement.

While automation will help you save money in the long run, it’s important to also look at it as an investment in your company. Once you adopt automation solutions, you’ll need to make sure your employees understand how it affects day-to-day operations. Many successful companies claim that their employees are their greatest assets, which is why it’s important your team has all the information and training they need to adapt to automation technology.

Explain the Benefits of Automation to Workers

It’s been our experience that people are most resistant to change when they don’t see any benefit. Fortunately, you have an opportunity during the planning phase to get your team used to the idea of industrial automation. In today’s economy, people are especially worried about losing their jobs to robots and other industrial machinery. However, you’ll have less resistance if you discuss how automation will improve workplace safety and make their jobs easier.

For example, whenever employees operate heavy industrial machinery, there is always the risk for personal injury. An unbalanced load can be enough to tip over a forklift, injury workers, or even damage your facility. By shifting more responsibility to industrial automation systems, you can lower the risk of worker injury and create a safer workplace.

Create Incentives to Adopt New Technology

Employees are more likely to accept change when there are incentives or recognition programs in place. Make sure that your employees understand how automation is a natural step to achieve your company’s mission.

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