Industrial Automation Holland, MI Machine CompanyWhen it comes to investing in industrial automation for your business, there are many factors to consider. One such factor is deciding which type of automated machinery would work best for your production process.

There are three main types of industrial automation to choose from, and each is well-suited for a different purpose. Here’s what our custom automation manufacturers want you to know about the three types of industrial automation. Please contact our office today if you have any additional questions about our industrial automation services.

Fixed Automation

Fixed automation, as the name might suggest, is used for processes that always remain the same. Fixed automation machines are programmed to perform one task over and over rather than multiple tasks. For example, a machine that creates one part or attaches two pieces together over and over would be considered to be fixed automation.

Fixed automation is a great choice for manufacturers that have a few core items that never change. These machines can create the same parts in exactly the same way every time, which guarantees uniformity and consistent results. They’re also often more affordable than machines that can perform a variety of tasks. Our custom machine builders are happy to help you create a fixed automation machine that works for your business.

Programmable Automation

While some people consider programmable automation and flexible automation to be similar, there is a difference between the two. Programmable automation machines tend to be similar in concept to fixed automation machines, in that the nature of the tasks they perform is pretty uniform. However, programmable automation machines can be coded to make small tweaks to their process.

For example, a machine that attaches two pieces together but can be programmed to attach different pieces depending on the item being produced would count as programmable automation. While the main task is still the same, the machine can complete it in different ways. They can accomplish a wider variety of tasks than a fixed automation machine can. Programmable automation is great for producing items in batches, as while the machine’s job can be altered, you’ll save time by grouping your item production.

Flexible Automation

Flexible automation is considered to be an offshoot of programmable automation that refers to machines that can tackle a variety of jobs. For example, machines that can make several different parts or can switch between tasks would be considered flexible automation. These machines are great for companies that manufacture a variety of parts and need machines that can handle more than one task as part of the production process.

While this type of machine is usually more expensive upfront, you can save money in the long run by investing in a machine that can streamline several different branches of your production process all at once.

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