Custom Holland, MI Industrial Automation CompanyWith industrial automation on the rise, new concerns are emerging. Employees tend to worry about their job security when it seems like robots are taking over their roles.

However, humans are needed more than ever in this economy, even as machines become increasingly competent. Here’s what our custom machine builders have found to be true about the changing landscape in manufacturing. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our industrial automation services for your company.

What Are the Risks of Industrial Automation?

Many employees worry that robots and computers will replace them as more tasks become automated. It’s true that as robotics technology advances, robots can now accomplish specialized tasks that would have required a person in the past. However, people are still needed to oversee these machines.

While certain types of tasks are becoming more automated, these tasks tend to be repetitive or dangerous tasks that workers don’t actually enjoy doing. With automation, these tasks can be performed more accurately and with less risk to human welfare than if employees were to operate the machinery.

On the other hand, there are certain things a robot cannot do. The rise of robotics allows for the employees who would normally perform those tasks to focus on other, less physically demanding tasks.

Benefits of Industrial Automation

The benefits of industrial automation are well-documented. For one thing, tedious tasks can be done more quickly with an automated process. Machines can do the same task over and over again without ever tiring or making a mistake. This allows businesses to be more efficient and gives their employees a chance to focus on the jobs that can’t be automated.

In particular, automating tasks that could be dangerous to employees can drastically decrease the number of accidents in the workplace, creating an atmosphere of safety that is beneficial to employee wellbeing. When employees feel safe and valued, their performance increases, which benefits the overall economy.

The Bottom Line

Industrial automation might change circumstances for individual employees, but on a larger scale, robotics are better for the economy as a whole. Custom automation allows companies to free up resources and invest them elsewhere, which makes them more competitive. This in turn allows them to offer better pricing on their goods and services, which ultimately benefits the consumer.

As industrial automation eliminates the need for menial jobs, the job market is evolving, as well. Companies aren’t stagnating: they’re continuing to hire, even as they invest more money into automated machinery. Employees who previously performed the jobs that machines are taking over are still needed to operate those machines, while company resources are freed to invest more into growing the business. In the end, it’s a win-win situation for both employer and employee.

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