double down on automation holland miIt’s easy to focus on your weaknesses, especially during these unprecedented times. But what if you took that same amount of energy and applied it to building on your strengths? That’s what a lot of manufacturers are doing during the pandemic—improving the industrial automation systems they already have in place.

Here’s why you may want to consider doubling down on automation.

Robots Don’t Get Sick

It hurts your production when employees get sick or need to quarantine. But robots don’t get sick. While human workers are vulnerable to disease, robots can continue working during the pandemic. This is especially important now that certain industries are seeing an increase in demand for their products.

Industrial robots are streamlined, efficient, and immune to disease. In other words, they’re the perfect workforce during and long after the pandemic.

Fewer Workers on the Factory Floor

It’s not always easy to practice social distancing inside a factory. That’s why we recommend investing in industrial automation. The more tasks you can transfer onto machines, the fewer people you’ll need on the floor. In turn, this will create a safer working environment for your employees.

It’s impossible to predict when we’ll have another wave of COVID-19 cases. But reducing the amount of workers needed on the factory floor at any given time will help limit any spread of COVID-19.

Increased Efficiency

Industries that are considered “essential” at this time have a unique challenge, which is to produce more products with fewer employees. The good news is that companies that have invested in industrial automation will have an easier time meeting the increased demand for their products.

This is because industrial machines are able to perform menial, repetitive tasks to a high degree of accuracy. This precision ensures that you’re producing large volumes of high-quality items.

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Staying Ahead of the Competition

Right now, some of your competition is scrambling to come up with feasible ways to maintain or increase production while keeping their employees safe. If your facility already uses industrial automation solutions, you’re already one step ahead. By doubling down on automation and other strengths, you’ll be able to keep your edge during and after the pandemic.

Maintaining a Balance

While it’s important that you take this time to double down on your strengths, it’s equally important that you recognize areas for improvement. Sometimes by doing this, you’re able to recognize a strength you didn’t realize you had!

Use this time to take an inventory of your company’s strengths and weaknesses. Often, a certain part of your company’s internal process will contain both strengths and weaknesses. The key is to find the gold that lies underneath.

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