Automated Machines Holland MI Machine BuildersWhen you think of an automated machine, you may think of how it can save your company money because a machine will be able to do the job of a person. This is true, but that doesn’t mean automated machines will hurt the economy, they can actually boost it.

Along with economic advantages, automated machines offer a few other things people and corporations don’t always think about. If you’re looking to learn more about automated machines, creativity, and the future, keep reading. If you would like more information our automation process and products, please contact our office today!

Creativity Gets a Promotion

A machine will do the same job over and over and over again. It keeps spinning, handling some of the most mundane tasks out there. With modern automation technology, our custom made machines will not only do the work efficiently, but they’ll also start to learn how to do it better.

Our machines can harvest data, alert you of future problems, and even work with you on troubleshooting. Some of Paramount Tool’s custom machines are adaptive. They’re capable of evolving with the industry you service too. This means that if a part changes every year (say something in automotive, healthcare, or commercial manufacturing) you don’t have to change your machine every year.

But as creative as our machines can get…it’s people who get the real freedom here.

Say what? How?

Holland MI Automated Machine CompanyWithout having to work on a line every day, doing the same routine job (and oftentimes dangerous job) repeatedly, people can have the freedom to be creative. Rather than stationing people on a line, your company can offer opportunities for people to express ideas, draft new concepts, and explore industry flaws and strengths.

By doing this you give people the opportunity to grow in the industry, and your company benefits while they do. This helps create new jobs, thanks to people and automation working together. Machines put a premium on creativity, and creativity is what drives us to produce the most world-changing inventions. When people are stuck doing the same thing repeatedly, it can constrict creativity. Machines are our ally here because they take our place and allow us to grow as creative, talented, innovative humans.

Try and Try Again

Automated Machine Builders in Holland MIEdison didn’t create the light bulb on the first go. And even after the light bulb came to be, it changed and continues to evolve over time.

With the flexibility of custom machines, this trial-and-error process speeds up exponentially. In the past, many safety precautions and regulatory barriers had to be crossed before prototypes could even get made. But with custom machines that can learn, the process is more open.

With a custom machine for your company, you’ll be able to put new concept drafts into motion without having to jump as many hurdles if you were to have someone build the prototype by hand. A custom machine can also produce multiple prototypes for you–each with small changes or variations as needed.

This allows you to test more than one design at a time, collect data on them all, and improve the final product as needed.

Custom Automated Machines in MichiganBy doing this, your company can stay cutting edge in all that it produces. The cutting edge feature of custom machines is the blade we use to pierce the unknown.

Projects that fail are only one step closer to a project that lights up people’s worlds.

The Future

When people think of an automated future, they often get freaked out and immediately jump to Will Smith fending off robots. Or terms like lights-out manufacturing cause panic and alarm because it sounds like Edison’s light is getting shattered.

At Paramount Tool Company, we have a different dream. The idea of lights-out manufacturing is that a company could literally turn the lights off on their production line and it would continue to build all on its own. When we talk about this, we don’t want the lights to go out on people’s lives though. We want lights to turn on in other places people currently don’t have the time or resources to commit to.

Michigan Custom Automation CompanyAn automated machine creates a lot of safety for people too, and it can do mundane jobs faster. But that doesn’t mean people have to stay stagnant in a world where machines do the heavy lifting. It means we as people get to explore and move forward with the things we build.

A smart future where automated cars drive us, automated planes fly us, and other automated machines assist in day-to-day projects allows us to push the envelope on production. This means new jobs, not loss of jobs. This means things like the possibility of future space exploration become a present-day reality.

This means the healthcare world gets smarter, and human life becomes better understood. At Paramount Tool, we dream of a brighter tomorrow, and we hope your company will too.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

If you’re wondering how an automated machine could service your industry, feel free to reach out and contact us online or by phone at (616) 582-5300. As your Holland, MI custom automation provider, Paramount Tool Company is committed to providing you with the best machines for you and your business. We can’t wait to start building.