Custom Machine Builder Holland MI Automated Assembly StationsWhen companies consider an automatic assembly station, they’re usually looking at their ROI (return on investment.) An automatic assembly station streamlines the manufacturing process and reduces risk for your employees.

But at Paramount Tool Company, we want you to know about the benefits people often don’t see with an assembly station, and how those benefits can actually boost the economy and create MORE jobs for people. If you’re looking to learn more, check out our P.D.F. break down below.

P: Production

Yes, an automated assembly station will save your company money. Yes, an automated assembly station will also create more products in a shorter amount of time. And yes, automated machines are way safer than traditional assembly lines. But do you know how else they benefit?

With increased supply from your production line, you can focus on increasing demand as well. Untapped markets or fields you didn’t have the economic resources for in the past now become reachable. This may involve hiring new staff or promoting people within your company to do jobs like sales, marketing, data analytics, and transportation to supply your clients with more of the best products on the market.

Revamping your assembly line system with automated machines gives you the flexibility you’ve been looking for with your company. Your ROI becomes about what you’ll save day-to-day and also about all those future clients you’ll be able to reach.

D: Data Tracking

With traditional lines, you’re missing out on loads of data.

With an automated machine, every part and piece can be tracked through a barcoding system so you’ll know exactly how much inventory you have and need to order. On top of tracking supplies, you’ll be able to track the process. Machine data allows you to see what’s taking the longest in your assembly, what process is the most expensive, and even what machine advancement could be made.

By having a data analytics team that can read what your automated machine has to say, you’ll be able to make adjustments to your assembly process that saves your company money. This isn’t something that happens with line workers, because they’re not harvesting data while they work. Rather than have them do the job an automated machine could do, have people interpret the language of machines so everyone can build a better future.

F: Freedom

Machines taking away jobs shouldn’t be a fear. People being stuck at a job, never growing or advancing in the industry, should.

Machines help break the chains of the assembly line. They allow people to be creative again and propose new ideas. At Paramount Tool Company, we like to work smarter and harder, so that our customers are always the winners. With our automated machines, we hope that your company will reclaim some of its innovative freedom.

As your company grows, we hope to grow alongside you. Manufacturers are inventors, and we can’t wait to see what you create. All of our machines will learn as you grow, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing a new machine time and time again. Our goal is to set your company free from the repetitive cycles that limit growth, not keep you there.

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